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The motion picture centers around prostitution as a vocation and changed the manner in which individuals took a gander at the calling. It endeavored to demonstrate within universe of sex specialists and their lives and disasters in an alternate period from today, when they were taken a gander at in all respects in an unexpected way of Shiko nga ketu

Including the unbelievable disaster on-screen character Meena Kumari, the movie has achieved a kind of religion status because of its astonishing heading, frequenting discoursed, exceptional exhibitions and soul-mixing music. Meena Kumari kicked the bucket inside weeks after the arrival of the film, which took 14 years to shoot.

The motion picture dependent on the social issue of female foeticide, features the eventual fate of the nation in the event that we continue slaughtering the young lady tyke. There are as yet numerous spots where a kid's introduction to the world is celebrated while a young lady tyke is slaughtered. The film spins around the account of a young lady who is hitched to five siblings. The motion picture depicts the look at the merciless society and leaves a message of sparing a young lady kid.

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